Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's Who: Niina Cochran

Meet Niina Cochran and yes that's not a typo. As she puts it "my mom is from Finland and that is how they spell Niina, it is pronounced the same as Nina, it is just a cooler spelling. Of course there is the habit of saying my name like this: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiina...."

State the facts: Name, Age, Hometown
Niina Cochran, 24, Kinnelon, NJ

What's your genre and where did you pick up your art?
Parsons School of Design; Majored in Illustration but mostly paint now

Describe yourself in a line
I have always and will always be creating.  I am lucky enough to be in and know about this show because I am friends with one of the curators!

If you have to pick 3 of your best works, what would they be?
I like these pieces (see images) because I tried something new and experimented and I think it actually worked out.

If you could send help to anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere. what would it be?
This is too difficult for me to answer.  Too much pressure! ha.

Check out more of Niina's works