Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who's Who: Cindy Rodriguez

Cindy Rodriguez is one half of the dynamic duo behind the Send Help project. (To read the back story click here.) She proves to be just as much a force of nature on her own as co-founder of Hudson Valley Tours and helping out the Exhibition Management Department at the Guggenheim Museum.

State the facts: Name, Age, Hometown
Cindy Rodriguez, Age 24, Yonkers, NY (Y.O.)

What's your genre and where did you pick up your art?
I graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in 2006.

So how did you end up on this project?
We crossed paths with Carolina and Frej, while catching up after some time had passed, and we realized we all really wanted to be around each other, and work on some projects together. They had this beautiful space they were working to define, and we had all these ideas about what we wanted to do creatively together. Out came this idea for a show, a solution where everything kind of converged at a point: collaboration, good friends, ideas exhanged, and great work - all for the sake of satisfying this urge to create something together. That's how I ended up here.

If you have to pick 3 of their best works, what would they be?
"Zombie Dolls" - packaging; "Apollo 11" - book design; and "Home" - 1 of 5 posters in a series. I feel these 3 works best represent what I've been most passionate about, and are a solid foundation for the kind of work I'd like to create. Each holds meaning for me in a different stage of my learning experience as a designer as well.

If you could send help to anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere. what would it be?
I think communication needs help. More specifically how we communicate and connect with one another. It's not that we need help communicating - there are endless ways to communicate with one another these days - I just think we need help connecting with one another. We live in a time where people resort to text messaging, and emailing before picking up the phone to call one another or making efforts to see each other. I don't claim innocence, I know I do it too. Part of me just wishes there was a way to shut off phones and the internet for one week to see (as a social experiment) how communication would play out between us. I think we would be pleasantly surprised to see how much better off we are without them, and how many more real connections we'd make.

Can you give us a sneak peek at your creative process?

Visit Cindy's portfolio

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