Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who's Who: Diane Wah

installation artist and all around morally corrupt/incorruptable artist, Diane Wah is a force of her own. How can we not have a crush on her?

State the facts: Name, Age, Hometown
Diane Wah, 27,
What's your genre and where did you pick up your art?
Photography, New School University B.A., Columbia University MFA

Tell us something about yourself...
Diane stumbled into visual art and is now an interdisciplinary maker of popular culture. Working in various mediums, fusing elements of photography, scuplture, printmaking and graphic design, she creates interesting, witty, political and always funny alterna-narratives.

If you have to pick one of your best works, what would it be?

"I Fall in Love Too Easily" by Barack Obama

"Je Gagner le droit pour chanter les blues" by Hillary Clinton

 "I Fall in Love Too Easily" by  Neruda Midnight Williams

If you could send help to anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere. what would it be?
Stop by tonight to find out what Diane says in a special secret project!

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