Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We are speechless!

So, I've been compulsively checking the stats on the blog lately because this project is our baby. And about 10 minutes ago I saw that we were getting referrals from NotCot. Now, this is a blog that we all look up to and definitely draw inspiration from. That is why we sent one of our bottle invites to them. But, honestly we were not expecting to get posted, we just wanted to show other cool people our work. Yet, we did get posted and we got a great write up. We are blown away and mostly speechless. I'm the one writing this because I was most coherent after seeing the post. I wish I could be more eloquent. But overall thanks for the love, NotCot and thanks to everyone else who has supported us as a group of young designers.


D.Wah said...

dude! i read it ! thats so friggin

Gaius said...

This invite is the most popular thing I've ever designed. It's pretty awesome.